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World’s First Underwater CEO Conference conducted by Bond Safari Kovalam

World’s First Underwater CEO Conference conducted by Bond Safari Kovalam

The world’s first underwater CEO Conference was organised by Bond Safari Kovalam. A group of top CEOs of multinational firms donned diving suits to participate in the underwater conference. The CEOs included Raja Gopal Iyer (Udaya Samudra Group of Hotels), Hema Menon (UST Global), Dinesh P Thampi (TCS), Dr Shyam Kumar (Neologix) and Rony Thomas (Avon Mobility Solutions).

Unlike the usual business conferences, this historical CEO Conference voiced a strong cause.

The CEOs pledged together to relieve the mother planet from its pathetic plight. As inhabitants of this planet we have a duty towards it. At the U-shaped conference table that had been placed at the bottom of the ocean, they dedicated their devotion to the duty of saving the planet with the help of placards.

Covering 70% of the planet earth, oceans produce 50% of oxygen in the atmosphere. More than half of today’s world population resides in the coastal areas. Furthermore almost every being on the planet are directly or indirectly dependent on the oceans for several reasons. However it is the very activity of mankind that has altered the equilibrium of our planet.

We humans consume over 300 million tonnes of new plastic every day. It is estimated that ten to twelve million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year. Ingesting plastic and entangling in it marine creatures perish too. Its toxicity further climbs up the food chain causing poisoning and cancerous diseases. Sympathetic and empathetic to marine pollution, the conference proceeded by drafting a long term plan and a sustainable itinerary.

Bond Safari team has vowed to educate and enlighten a hundred school and college students regarding marine life conservation. In association with various other organisations, they are planning to launch a “Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” that focuses on spreading awareness among citizens regarding proper disposal of waste so as to project them as fine examples for the upcoming generations. The team was capable of grabbing national as well as international attention thereby proving the presence of immense opportunities in God’s own country.

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