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Kerala’s First Under Water Photography Workshop; Season – 2, Kochi

Taking a picture is all about getting the play of light and shade correct, be it on land or underwater. Surprised? Don’t be. Here is your unique chance to meet and interact with the experts. The second workshop on underwater photography conducted by Bond Safari will be an eye opener for you.
A workshop on underwater photography
The ambient light underwater is not same as you see on land. And the key to getting the perfect picture underwater is all about getting the lighting correct.
The workshop organized by Bond Safari for photographers and enthusiasts on February 22 at  Hotel Ibis, Ernakulam will be your first step towards shooting that perfect picture underwater.   The speakers include Anup J Kattukaran, Dr. Capt Shanthanu, Subin J Kalarikkal, Shibin Sebastian and Aneesha Bendict. Each of them has made a mark in studying life under the ocean and underwater photography and have years of experience in this field. And they will open up the magical world of underwater photography and how you can ace it.
The workshop will introduce you to the world of Scuba diving and the equipment used for it and touch upon the marine ecosystem off the coast of Kerala. The experts will explain the cameras and various equipment that will help you shoot underwater. The aim of the workshop is to tell you what it takes to be a PADI certified underwater photographer.
Who can participate?
A photographer, a person seeking adventure, a diver, a traveler looking to tell tales of their journeys – or just about anyone who loves to take beautiful photos of life underwater.
Have an eye for detail and an urge to do something different for your next wedding photoshoot? Try to take it to an entirely new level by shooting it underwater. This workshop will talk about how you can do it – and make each frame speak volumes.
We will help you overcome the fear of diving underwater and explore the beautiful world that very few people get to see.
A stepping stone for people who want to make a career as an underwater photographer. The underwater photographer plays an important role in offshore oil rigs. It is these people who dive underwater and do extensive research including structural defects and help fix them.
The vision statement of Bond Safari Kovalam is to revolutionize adventure tourism industry in India through innovative and exciting adventure tourism products. Bond Safari has a number of firsts to its credit. The first underwater wedding in the country, the first underwater conference of CEO’s with the agenda of Protecting the Ocean and Marine life are just to name a few.
Bond Safari is the first PADI certified scuba diving resort in Kerala. Bond Safari diving center is situated in Kovalam, ‘Scuba’ stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. It is a mode of underwater diving that makes use of compressed air to enable the diver to breathe underwater. Bond Safari also takes a keen interest in conserving the Oceans and conducting studies on the ocean bed.

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