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What are the most amazing Five Adventure Activities in Kovalam

Both International and national tourists often wonder on what can be done in Kovalam during their travel to Kerala. A famous travel blogger Jaunt Monkey recently traveled to Kovalam and beautifully captured various adventure activities which can be done in Kovalam. Have a look and let us know what you think about these activities.

5 Interesting Things to do in Kovalam
What is the first thing that will be on your wish list when you head to a coastal state like Kerala? Obvious enough, roaming around in the beaches. Kovalam beach, located close to Trivandrum in Kerala, has seen local as well as international tourists falling for its charm. Truly the best that a beach has to offer, Kovalam is a heavenly destination. Do you want to know the best things to do in Kovalam? Jaunt Monkey presents you 5 interesting things to do in Kovalam.
1. Beach Hopping: Kovalam is not just one beach. It is a neatly arranged cluster of three crescent shaped beaches, Grow beach or Samudra beach, Hawa beach and Lighthouse beach. When there are three of them, is it not inevitable that you explore all? It is the unique moon shape of the beaches that sets Kovalam apart from other hyped beach destinations. Near the Lighthouse beach is a rock garden, where you can walk amidst huge rocks while listening to the tunes of waves. If you happen to be at the right time, you can even have a slice of the local life. Watch fishermen dragging their nets filled with the catch for the day! Of course, you need to bid adieu to all hurry, to sink in the beauty of the surroundings.

2. Water sports: Go Scuba Diving! A beach without some water exploration loses half the charm, right? In Kovalam, there are quite a few facilities for plunging into the waters. Kovalam has got few exciting adventure activities to offer such as Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and speed boats. Scuba diving is something that offers an underwater experience. Imagine the fun going under water to be one among those amazing creatures that you might have only seen through the glasses of an aquarium! I did this episode with Bond Safari Kovalam recently.

3. Lighthouse visit: The lighthouse, with its red and white structure is a prominent landmark in Kovalam. This 118 feet tall structure has been adorning the skyline of Kovalam for decades now. Settled majestically on the shores, this lighthouse is a guidepost for vessels passing along. Though one has to adhere to the visiting hours, do make a point to include this in your itinerary. The view from top is so stunning, your heart might skip a beat! Water here, there and everywhere, with foamy waves beating against rocky shores, it is a picture perfect scene for shutterbugs.

4. A visit to aquarium: Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium is another destination for you. If you are the kind to be fascinated by the life under water, surely this is a must go place for you. Though not very huge in terms of size, this aquarium has a collection of some unique underwater creatures. There is a hatchery also attached to the aquarium, but not open for public. The colorful tiny little beings will surely entertain you from the other side of the glass. If you have kids in your group, this is one place they will love.

5. Try out sea food: It goes without saying that a trip to Kerala will be satisfying only if you dig your fingers into some lip-smacking sea food delicacies. Kovalam, located on the seashores, is the perfect place for this. From small shacks selling local dishes to luxurious restaurants catering to every need of customers, there are eating options in plenty in Kovalam. Why not try some prawns or lobsters?

In Kovalam, life goes on in a different pace. Take a stroll along the beaches early in the morning and feel nature talking to you. Whatever expectations you have, Kovalam will live up to all of them.


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