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Bond Safari sets the stage for 2019!

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.” – Alek Wek

New Year’s Eve – A cool party where you hang out with friends and family, an exhausting DJ night, or a campfire and trekking experience which takes you deep into nature. These are the usual primary ideas one will have and will be offered when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s been years since people have been choosing these cliché plans for their most memorable celebration of life. High time that people choose an all in one celebratory package to celebrate a new beginning in their lives. Bond Safari Kovalam is all set for this new year with an exciting and an all-inclusive package where you can explore the unexplored and also set your mind afresh for the best new year beginning. So, you must be wondering why someone should choose Bond Safari over any other New Year parties to kick start 2019. I ask you why not? Dive, trek, camp and party under a single roof – isn’t that a better way to celebrate!

Bond Safari, has shown that Kovalam is not just about sun, surf, sandy beaches and the blue sky, and has lifted the beauty of the mesmerizing world underneath the sea to the human eyes. Each and every person leaving this place comes out with a million dollar smile and a thoroughly satisfied fresh mind. With certified dive masters and quality equipment, one can completely give their heart and soul to them to take you on a journey through the green underwater waving a ‘Hi’ here and there at the little wonders under the sea. Jackson Peter, managing partner of  Bond Safari, which is Kerala’s first PADI certified scuba dive resort, has made sure that once you are in there, you come out as someone who has learned and experienced something new and has head over heels fallen in love with it. To begin 2019 in a entirely different way, Bond Safari Kovalam gives you a two day package where you can camp, trek, party with DJ night, scuba dive, enjoy fireworks and all in 9999 rupees. Now, that’s what you call something interesting!

An interesting facet of this package is how it is constructed to appeal to all. One can breakdown the package and easily find that it suits all kinds of people out there who want to celebrate moments in their own comfort zone. For someone who loves the ocean, who wants to challenge himself and go the daredevil way to start off a new year, you have Scuba diving here. If you love the warmth and calmness of being around a campfire with your loved ones, they have it arranged for you. For a soul that seeks tons of fun, dance and music, why go for something else when there is a fully pumped up DJ night awaiting you. If that’s not satisfying enough, doesn’t the thought of fireworks, live music and buffet dinner along with all these, make you definitely want to go there? Undoubtedly one of the best New Year party is at Bond Safari Kovalam.

The next major concern that is sure to pop up is about the affordability. Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine – is that really too much for such a stupendous package! Normally, people will be provided with a trek and camp or a DJ night and camp packages for one day and night for the same price. But that’s where Bond Safari stands out from others in the case of this New Year party package. Two days where you get to explore the ocean underneath, trek to fulfil your adventurous soul, party hard with DJ night, relax around the campfire and all in a fair and decent amount of money. Seriously thinking about it? Give a shot for there will be no regrets.

Every New year should begin with something that makes the whole year ahead looking forward to. Let it be a celebration or some quality time with family and loved ones, it should be memorable. It should be something that keeps you away from the chaos and at the same time gives you an adrenaline rush. Something that should be irreplaceable no matter how many New years come your way. One where you can say “That was one hell of a new year bash!!” So make a bee-line to a place where the sea awaits you to dive in and feel the freshness and discover the mind blowing underwater beauty. A site to camp and trek with family and friends this New Year for the ultimate kick start for the year. New Year at Bond Safari Kovalam definitely stands out from anything else out there and definitely go check it out.

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