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Our Vision

To revolutionize the adventure tourism industry in India by providing state of the art, safe and exciting; water, air and land based adventure activities. All the while maintaining a sustainable and responsible approach while keeping it accessible to all individuals irrelevant of socioeconomic, ethnographic and physical differences and ensuring international standards of safety and security.

Our Mission

-To provide safe, secure and green adventure experiences in India by working with internationally reputed adventure activity service providers and organizations from across the world.
-To establish innovative and adrenaline pumping adventure activities while maintaining high standards of safety in the lesser known tourist destinations in India and bring them into the mainstream tourism circuit.
-To create unique and exhilarating experiences for our clients through a proactive customer-centric approach.
-To strive for the betterment and conservation of our precious marine biodiversity by constantly educating our clients through our activities.

Our History

We are a group of NRI's with over 12+years of experience in the travel and tourism industry and have a collective experience of working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We have always marvelled at the efficiency and thriving nature of the adventure tourism industry at these places yet when we observe the state of this sector in India, we cannot help but feel that it is a highly underutilized section of the market. India has a vast expanse of topographic variation and climates which lets it be a hot spot for adventure tourism of all kinds.

We decided to incorporate a company that envisions to spread adventure tourism across the country and make it accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Hence we started our parent company Cool Divers Pvt Ltd and it has been running operations like Bond Safari Kovalam for many years, successfully providing Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and other water-based adventure packages. With Bond Adventures Pvt Ltd we are formulating an array of adventure activities like parasailing and we envision to expand our market into air-based and land-based adventures while providing unique customized experiences to adventure enthusiasts around the world.

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